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The hungry Facebook marketer’s action-packed survival guide to Consistent profit and scaling with Campaign Budget Optimisation - are you ready for wildly profitable growth, right now?
  • Lifetime access to the eBook, Q&A video, transcripts, step by step guide, case studies
  • Fast-track results based on millions in ad spend, hours of consultation with FB
  • Beginner to advance training ideally suited to those spending between $100 and $10,000 per day on FB ads
  • ​My exact step by step strategies for testing, prospecting, retargeting and scaling
Ready To Up Your CBO Game?
Ready to add tens of thousands (or more!) in additional revenue to YOUR business? 
"After studying the techniques and strategies Chef Depesh outlines, I know I'll be hitting 5 figure days consistently this Q4." -  G. Rahhal
What started off as a simple CBO guide a few pages long became a set of  recipes and  ingredients to research, setup, test and scale up your CBO campaigns.


We've spent multiple million dollars over the last 12 months testing,  learning and improving our CBO recipes for prospects from top of funnel (COLD) right through to WARM and red HOT, converting at low costs and high profits.

I was told to charge thousands for this knowledge. 

People pay thousands to learn this in my Masterminds.

My agency charges 5-figures to implement this for clients.

However my mission is to level this up for as many Facebook advertisers that I can. 

This is not just the most complete CBO guide available and ever created.

It's also a TRAINING PROGRAM in written form designed to help your profit  wildly. 

Now and in many months to come.

Not $10000. 
Not $1000. 
Not $500.
  • An eBook (online book) with over 70 pages of deep insights and actionable step-by-step CBO recipes
  • ​Bonus 1: Live Q&A Recording Covering Key Questions
  • ​Bonus 2: Full Q&A Transcript in PDF Format
  • ​Backed by millions in ad spend to create the perfect CBO recipes
  • ​Learn how to stabilise CBO and how to build profitability from the start
  • ​Learn how I set up my testing for  audiences ands ads using CBO in a step by step way with diagrams
  • ​Learn how I Prospect and Test Scale before Scaling
  • ​Swipe my step by step CBO Scaling strategy 
  • ​Keep as a reference guide you will be checking in on for months to come
  • Learn the inner workings of ​Campaign Budget Optimisation to create your  own recipes
  • ​Tested with multiple millions in ad spend the last 12 months alone
  • ​Proven CBO success with Ecommerce & Info Products for small and large budgets
  • ​Swipe and implement the All New INFINITY RETARGETING Strategy
  • Case Studies & Examples
  • ​PLUS: a special 15% discount on The BPM Method training if bought together with the Cookbook - the perfect complement!
Sure, call me the mad chef for squeezing this much value into such a low investment but I know this is the key to your unrivalled success, if you learn, implement and adapt this for your business. Ready for the boost you need right now?
Edition 2 Now Live!
  • Improved readability
  • ​12 special CBO recipes each clearly highlighted with step by step instructions
  • ​Feedback incorporated from students to improve clarity
  • ​New Graduation Framework checklist added to provide a clearer, one-pager top-down view of how to test audiences, ads and move into prospecting and scaling (page 35)
  • Updated Phase 1 and Phase 2 testing cheat sheets (page 38 and 48)
  • ​More screenshots and mini-case studies including creating ad sets (page 41), where to set MINIMUM CBO ad set budgets (page 43), multiple ads using post ID (page 45), Prospecting campaign setup example (page 55), new mini-CBO Prospecting case study (page 58) and updated smaller budget content (page 60)
  • ​Updated 90-minute Q&A video call recording including full written transcript!
This eBook is 70+ pages of CBO knowledge and actionable advice on building a profitable Facebook ads MACHINE. 

It is designed for serious profit and growth.


They don't exist.

It's designed for the Facebook marketer that wants to crack CBO 
or make it work even harder for them.

It's designed for those spending at least $100-200 per day up to $10-20K per day.

It's part education, part implementation.

It's actionable right now and a companion for months to come.

It's using my proven strategy for making CBO work - backed by millions in ad spend across multiple verticals across Ecom and Info Products.

It goes WAY beyond just CBO and gives deep advice into how we structure testing, prospecting, develop our campaign funnels, retargeting and of course scaling.

It's the most in-depth CBO study and research you've seen. 

Use it and scale 2019 like never before. Here's a preview of the contents:

PART 1: A Deep-Dive Into CBO
Scaling To $8M Using Structured Ad Sets
The CBO Engine Uncovered
Hack The CBO Algorithm
CBO Will Save You Time & Money 
Facebook Wants A Long Term Relationship - But It’s Not Complicated.
Key Takeaways

PART 2: The GT-CBO Scaling Strategy
Priming CBO Via Testing
The GT-CBO Method

PART 3: CBO Recipes For Every Occasion
Recipe 1: CBO Testing
Recipe 2: CBO Prospecting
Recipe 3: CBO Scaling Recipes
Chef Depesh’s Special Scaling Recipe 
Scale Recipe 1: V-Scale
Scale Recipe 2: Nitro V-Scale
Scale Recipe 3: H-Scale Split
Scale Recipe 4: H-Scale Budget
Scale Recipe 5: M-Scale
Recipe 4: CBO with Small, High Intent Audiences
Recipe 5: DCO INFINITY RETARGETING (never revealed outside our agency!)

The BPM Method
5W Avatar
3N Ads Formula
Graduation Testing
Graduation Framework
4-Funnel System

FAQs - Curated From Facebook
About Campaign Budget Optimization
Turning On Campaign Budget Optimization
Spend Limits
Bid Strategies
Ad Scheduling
Split Testing
Learning Phase

Selected CBO Case Studies, Wins & Challenges

This document includes insights from millions in ad spend, thousands of hours of testing, failure and wins and weeks of production together with a review cycle of 15 Facebook marketers at all levels;  some as existing students of mine and others that have not followed my previous trainings.

ALL were thrilled at what we'd accomplished and were keen to get started right away.

As this eBook contains knowledge and intellectual property that my agency have 
held on tightly to for over a year, so NO REFUNDS ARE OFFERED.

Once you've gained access, that knowledge cannot be returned.

Please do not purchase this guide if you do not agree with this.

If you're unsure who I am and whether to trust me, 
Google my name and follow the rabbit hole. I'll wait for you here :) 

If you have any other questions, address them to

Note for existing BPM Method/Coaching students: 

whilst this material will be covered in the training program in various modules, 
this particular format is only made available through purchase via this page.

If you wish to purchase the full nuts and bolts of CBO, you can do so with the eBook.

If you're only interested in how this  fits into The BPM Method then 
you can await the next training release in  September.

For DM Inner Circle members this guide is included in your membership reach out to the team.
Depesh Mandalia is CEO of SM Commerce, he has generated well over $100M of revenue online including over $25M of profitable Facebook ad spend. 

An international speaker and insider at Facebook, he leads his own Facebook ads community and events helping to further his mission to create positive impact and legacy in the world.

He spends most of his spare time enjoying life with his wife and four kids.
"hitting 5 figure days consistently..."
"After studying the techniques and strategies Chef Depesh outlines, 
I know I'll be hitting 5 figure days consistently this Q4."
Ghadeer Rahhal
"In-depth, detailed, and insightful"
"In-depth, detailed, and insightful. For intermediate to advanced media buyers, there's nothing like Depesh's CBO guide on the market. Period."
Kai Ravariere
"the best available [CBO] guide"
"Thankfully Depesh has just released the best available guide on how to launch, run and scale CBO campaigns... 
right before Q4!"
Sam Bendida
"It’s f*****g sick"

"Really good job bro, 
you’re changing the game, 
nobody is talking about this shit"
Ben Malol
"Depesh's best work yet, period!"
"... also his own Agency recipes for success documented and distilled into highly actionable steps ready to save you headaches and lots of money."
Lenny Ramirez
"great [FB] marriage
That's just like we got some 
great marriage counseling 
for our FB relationship."
Dave Huffman
"Double ROAS on 
Cold Traffic"
Hey Depesh, I implemented your emotional vs functional pulls into my ads this morning and have doubled my ROAS on cold traffic...

Simon Ridgwell
"$40k a day the past 
2 days!"
It's 44 degrees in Australia and I am killing it with the techniques you taught me. $40k a day the past 2 days!

David Fogarty
"Depesh handles my ads. Enough said."
I've built a $2m businesses teaching authors how to use FB ads to sell books. I know FB inside and out and am a control freak. 
Mark Dawson
"Unlike any other...."
Jaime Harmon
"The level of details.."
Shadi Gh
"Absolutely amazing teacher"
Tommy Patterson
"One of the best in world..."
Tim Burd
"It's been incredible!"
Neil Stephenson
"He's the real deal!"
Ryan Rieder
"It's just amazing.."
"Got a lot to take away"
John Hutchinson
"..highly recommended"
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