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Whether you’re finding traction or already hit your first 8-figures, The BPM Method has the path you’re walking.







The BPM Method

BPM stands for Brand-driven Performance Marketing. We’ve taken 100 years of marketing expertise to form a new way of thinking for the modern digital marketer.

From old school…

How humans react to advertising hasn’t changed.

The way in which we advertise has. We combine knowledge of what makes people react to advertising….

… to new school.

… to build systems that generate lower cost traffic, higher conversion rates, increase order values and increase lifetime value.

After all, what else matters as an online advertiser?

From Traction to Scale

The BPM Method programs offer DIY, supported and coached options to ensure you have the right program to help you reach your goals.

The FAATT Framework

Everything you need to defend your ad account against the loss of tracking and attribution caused by Apple’s iOS14.5 update.

The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook

Ready to hit the big time with Meta (Facebook) Ads? Want our agency’s complete ads and marketing operating system responsible for generating over $100M? Designed for spends from $250 to $25,000+ per day.

ELITE Accelerator for Client Services Agencies

Are you an ads agency owner that’s handcuffed to their business? Need an ignition to shift from 5-6 figures to 7-figures and beyond? We’ll help build the systems for true time and financial freedom.

ELITE Accelerator for Ecommerce Owners

Are you an Ecommerce business owner that’s running your own Facebook ads that wants Depesh and his team’s guidance to break through to the next level? ELITE Accelerator will help you install our ads operating system and help you smash your goals.

Agency Services

If you’re a 7-figure Ecommerce business wanting to scale up profit and revenue our agency services at SMC could be right for you. You can choose from a one-off deep audit and recovery plan, our flagship marketing extension program (GAP) or our full account build service (ASAP).

Private 1-2-1 Call with Depesh

If you’ve hit a growth roadblock in your business, with your ads, ideas, creatives etc, you can book a private 30 or 60 minute breakthrough video call with Depesh. All calls are recorded and transcribed for your convenience.

Success Stories

The BPM Method is life transforming. From helping individuals to achieve their goals of never working a 9-5 again, to reaching financial and time freedom plus more.

See more BPM Method Success Stories here

Amy – Agency Owner

Amy describes her experience in ELITE as “spectacular”. She joined after seeing Depesh at a conference. Amy says she benefited from the simplicity of laid out facts and being able to get the support when she needed it. She also loves the community and networking in ELITE which keeps her motivated and engaged.

Arthur – Ecommerce Owner

Arthur had broad knowledge of operations, but he wanted to get better at Facebook advertising. After initially investing in The Ultimate CBO Cookbook, Arthur saw great results and upgraded first to The BPM Method, then to ELITE Accelerator to grow faster and bigger, whilst reducing his anxiety of running ads he increased ROAS 10-20x!


Imran – Ecommerce Owner

Imran had been in ecommerce for 5 years. Before joining ELITE he owned one store – after joining, he was able to scale that store to 300% revenue growth. Now he owns 5 stores (one of them reaching 400K revenue with an 80K spend).

Pawel – Agency Owner

Pawel started with The Ultimate CBO Cookbook and after seeing success, wanted more knowledge on how to manage his clients. Now Pawel is more confident when giving advice to his clients, charge his worth AND make more too!


Fabian – Agency Owner

A chance encounter in Las Vegas with Depesh transformed Fabian’s business fortunes forever. Fabian’s early wins through our support pocketed a big profits to allow him to invest further in his business.

Daryl – Ecommerce Owner

Huge transformations in 3 months, installed The BPM Method structures, scaling client brands and performance increases across the board. Used The BPM Method PLUS ELITE Accelerator to grow client sales AND grow his agency’s sales too.

Powered by The BPM Method

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Book a free 30-minute strategy call to share your current position, goals and capabilities and we’ll provide up-front, practical advice on what steps to take next.

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When You Win, We Win

“Being responsible for generating sales creates high pressure and we know that. I’ve been on your side of the fence too.

As someone starting out, trying to make some money, as someone trying to grow their own business, as someone hired directly into a business to help achieve their dreams, as a freelancer, agency owner, Ecom store owner and many things in between.

And still we persist. We know better exists but many times we’re yet to find it.

I started SM Commerce in 2012 as an affiliate marketing business and digital marketing consultancy. In 2017 we began running Facebook ads for clients and in 2018 added training and events into our services.

Back then it was about making a decent living. Making money and being a successful business.

But that all changed in 2018 when I first realised the impact my teachings had on others – saving their business, enabling a better life, helping business owners reach more people. I realised my impact could be a thousand-fold by using what I know and helping others achieve even more than I have.

Within The BPM Method suite of training, we go the extra mile for all our clients. And as someone that has previously worked closely with Google and now works closely as an advocate and advisor with Facebook we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s best practice advertising and formulas for repeatable success.

For us, advertising is simply connecting a pain point or new opportunity with a product or service through clever messaging and funnels. We simplify the complex and get results.

Let’s talk.”

Depesh Mandalia.
CEO at SM Commerce & Founder of The BPM Method